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Airtame makes screens smarter. Wireless presentations from any device, digital signage for all screens, and all-in-one cloud management.
Airtame screen sharing, digital signage, and remote management

Airtame in 30 Seconds

Airtame Featured Products

Airtame 2

Airtame 2 | AT-DG2

Airtame in 30 seconds video:

Airtame Cloud Plus

Airtame Cloud Plus | AT-CLOUD-PLUS-1

Airtame Cloud video:

Airtame PoE adapter

Airtame PoE Adapter | AT-POE

How to set up Airtame PoE adapter video:

Airtame Ethernet adapter

Airtame Ethernet Adapter | AT-ETH

Airtame Extension Cord

Airtame Extension Cord | AT-IEC-EU/UK/US

Airtame AirCord / Custom split cable

Airtame AirCord | AT-AC

Set up & installation video:

Airtame Power supply

Airtame Power Supply | AT-PSU-EMEA

Set up & installation video:

Airtame Magnetic mount

Airtame Magnetic Mount | AT-MAG

Set up & installation video: