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Hiperwall software powers the most cutting-edge video walls and distributed visualization systems available today.
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The Leader in Innovation with a video wall platform for all your needs.

Hiperwall began as a research project funded by the National Science Foundation at the University of California, Irvine in 2004. It was built to enable scientific visualization on an unprecedented scale and showed imagery and data sets that measured hundreds of millions of pixels and gigabytes of data.

Hiperwall pioneered distributed visualization architecture and was the first to market with an AV over IP-based infrastructure. Our innovative software provides complete flexibility to optimize your collaboration spaces.

12 years of experience. Over 3000 installations in 71 countries. Largest control room video wall installation in the world.

Solving Key Challenges
Video walls powered by Hiperwall are designed for to meet the following key challenges:

Decision Making
See all information needed to make critical decisions quickly.

Collaborate with remote locations for comprehensive situational awareness.

Facilitate collaboration and cooperation among teams for increased productivity.

Deliver impactful messaging and stunning presentations with ease.

Hiperwall Distributed Visualization

Distributed Visualization

As you add more computers, the power of your system grows.

AV over IP Infrastructure

Significantly reduces cost, complexity, space requirements, energy use and cable clutter.

Hardware Agnostic

Use any commodity hardware that meets requirements for flexibility and cost savings.


It’s easy to expand a Hiperwall-powered system by simply adding low cost off-the-shelf components.

Limitless Resolution

See the big picture … in detail … for better decision making and clearer communications.

Minimal Training

Easy, intuitive control panel.

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